We’re Trying These Accessories To Complete Our Early 2000s Summer Looks

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As summer has quickly approached it’s only right that we start planning looks for trips abroad, brunch with the girls, and weekend getaways. The early aughts have circulated many trends through the cycle mill and we’re trying them all this summer. From classic oversized hoops to a monogram bag with a simple ‘fit, these ‘00s accessories will surely carry us through the summer in style.

Trends like low-rise jeans, baby tees, tube tops, and more would pair perfectly with the old counterparts like a nameplate necklace or a bandana in any hue you wish. Styling looks with the 2000s in mind gives us a chance to be more imaginative with our outfits this season. Think large tinted sunglasses paired with a tube top, low-rise baggy jeans, or even capris with a pair of kitten heels. The combination of modern and older inspirations creates an interesting juxtaposition to your looks. 

We wanted to give you the scoop on what we’re wearing with these accessories that we’re testing out. As we head to the day parties or just out to run errands, we’re styling these pieces in captivating ways so that they don’t just feel like trends but like additional pieces in our wardrobes. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about these early ‘00s trends and what we’re pairing with them.

Oversized Hoops 

The classic oversized hoop has been around for decades, taking the shape of a door knocker, a sleek circle, and others like a natural shape. Styling an oversized hoop may be daunting if you’re not used to wearing them but they are versatile and go with the looks you want more than you think. Wear a thick flat hoop if you want to dress up a look that leans on the casual side like a pair of linen pants and a tube top or pair of jeans and a graphic T-shirt. You can take it further with the glam by styling a thin or thick oversized hoop with a strapless dress and no necklace or with an office core-inspired look like a cropped blazer paired with shorts. 

We’re Trying These Accessories To Complete Our Early 2000s Summer Looks
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Tinted Sunglasses 

Our favorites from singers to actors had a cool pair of tinted shades in a plethora of hues. From yellow tints which are in now to a gradient brown, red, or blue, tinted sunglasses are back. Wear them with pieces that are opposite of them like a flowy breathable dress with floral print or a matching linen suit set with a light button down underneath with a pair of mules. You can also dress down with a pair of shades with a look consisting of a pair of jorts, a baby tee, and the next trend we’ll be touching, a bandana, or a scarf. For a monochromatic look, try wearing a plissé set with a pair of sunglasses in the same shade.  

We’re Trying These Accessories To Complete Our Early 2000s Summer Looks
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Nameplate Necklaces 

A nameplate necklace is a ‘90s and ‘00s staple jewelry piece. They’ve never gone out of style and its resurgence is important to note and appreciate. It’s another trend that’s circulated around the mill and back into our hearts. If you happen to have a nameplate necklace from the past, take it back out and style it with a tank top, a pair of jorts, fashion sneakers, and a baseball cap. To dress it up, wear your nameplate necklace with other dainty necklaces and a strapless peplum top with trousers or a drop waist dress and a pair of pointed-toe heels. The nameplate necklace goes well with other jewelry so, don’t be afraid to stack lots of rings, necklaces, and bracelets to curate a trending look. 

We’re Trying These Accessories To Complete Our Early 2000s Summer Looks
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Monogram Mini Bags

The Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Fendi monograms were everywhere in the early aughts. Now, they’ve returned once again just in time for summer shenanigans where an oversized bag is unnecessary. Wear your monogram bag with a dress for a summer day out to brunch or to a day party or event. At night, if the weather permits, try wearing one with a light denim jacket with a pair of baggy jeans for a casual Canadian tuxedo look. Pair that with a strappy sandal or a pointed-toe mule. Another look you can try with a monogram bag is a flowy top with a pair of capris, and kitten heels for a full-on 2000s look. 

We’re Trying These Accessories To Complete Our Early 2000s Summer Looks
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Bandanas are quite fun and one of the more versatile pieces to incorporate and style. They add another element to a look that makes it seem like you didn’t try too hard and gives a cool girl effect on your worst hair days. You can style yours in any shade with a casual look comprised of a graphic or plain T-shirt, and a pair of trousers or loose fitting jeans, and fashion sneakers. Have fun with juxtaposition by wearing a bandana with a black or white breathable dress with spaghetti straps or with a graphic T-shirt and a bubble skirt with sneakers. A bandana adds a casual element to any dressy outfit. 

We’re Trying These Accessories To Complete Our Early 2000s Summer Looks
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This summer will be full of moments to try out looks like these. Experiment with your style with these early ‘00s trends and add them to your wardrobe to wear in a myriad of ways. Accessories are meant to elevate a look and bring an element of excitement to them, so that’s why we’re trying these trends out this summer. 

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