WATCH | Coco Jones Says She Manifested Her Album Going Number 1

By: Brande Victorian

“Everything you believe you can have, God sends towards you,” says
the actress and singer who released her latest EP on November 4.

Coco Jones is making the transition from child star to adult household name
look very easy. The actress, who got her start in the Disney Channel movie
Let it Shine in 2012, now stars on the Peacock series Bel Air. And not only is
her acting career taking off but so is her journey as a music artist.
On November 4, Jones released her fourth EP, What I didn’t Tell You,
and it landed at the no. 1 spot on Apple Music’s R&B Soul Charts.

“I was all up and through social media crying because I used to place
my picture in a number one thing and put that in my vision board so I was so
beside myself when I saw that for real,” Jones told ESSENCE at the American
Music Awards on November 20. “I was so grateful and I’m still so grateful
and I just can’t believe it. I’m like, it’s time, you know? When you pray for
something and it’s answered it’s like, let me switch up my prayers.”
Jones is big on prayer and manifestation, and the recent successes
she’s enjoyed as a singer and actress have allowed her to desire even bigger
things for her next season, she shared.

“Everything you believe you can have, God sends toward you. I think
there was a time when I had these big dreams as a kid and things just
started going left and the dreams got smaller and safer. And then, honestly,
it was really a miracle that I started becoming relevant and talked about
again and that made me dream bigger again,” she said. “Now that I’m here,
I’m like, why would I ever doubt anything again? If God can get me here, I
shouldn’t be doubting anything.”

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