Tweed Jackets: The Timeless French Girl Style Staple

There are a lot of things French women do exceptionally well—knowing how to dress is definitely one of them. But even so, when it comes to my own personal style I have very little in common with the “french girl style” archetype. I prefer cargo pants to tapered denim, I like my sneakers eccentric and over the top as opposed to classic white styles, and I own very few striped sweaters. However, there is one thing I’ve taken to shamelessly borrow from my European counterparts: the tweed jacket. Admittedly, the French were right. Even someone like me who couldn’t be farther from prim and proper ladylike style has taken to wearing them nonstop.

A few reasons why it’s been my number one choice as of late: it adds sophistication to my denim and trousers effortlessly, and its ability to be worn as a top when buttoned up (as opposed to worn open like a cardigan) reduces my need to think harder about what I’m wearing. Although the piece feels quintessential Chanel, several other brands have their own versions that spice up the French girl staple. Below, I’ve rounded up all of the most necessary tweed jackets I’m considering buying this very minute, along with some outfit inspiration. Consider me a convert. 

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