Top 5 Biggest Stories Of 2022 From Refinery29 Editors

Black women are three to four times more likely to die in relation to pregnancy and birth than white women. That was the starting point for Unbothered’s “Birth Rights” package, according to Sanders. “Black women are truly discriminated against when it comes to health care to the point that it is lethal,” she said. “We deserve to celebrate in the same way others do but we cannot do that when we are at risk when we go to the hospital.” As part of the package, you’ll find stories aiming to prompt conversations about reproductive health, queer parenting, why some Black people opt for doula birthing plans, and so much more. The aim is simple: honoring Black maternity, pushing forward pressing issues, and creating change for the next generation. “Our birth right is safety, access, life, and we need to choose to celebrate that and advocate for that even when others aren’t able to,” Sanders said.

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