Tiffany Haddish Says She’s Sober, And A Vegan, Following DUI Arrest

Elyse Jankowski/Variety via Getty Images

Comedian and actress Tiffany Haddish is two months strong on her sobriety journey. The 44-year-old joined Amanda de Cadnet’s The Conversation podcast to discuss her sober path forward.

“I haven’t drank any alcohol, smoked any weed or anything in, like, 72 days,” the comedian said. Cadnet praised Haddish’s efforts, to which the Emmy award-winning comedian replied, “It’s not hard. It’s not that hard for me, ’cause it wasn’t really, like, my main thing anyways.”

She noted that it’s more difficult for her to refrain from eating unhealthy quantities of meat and candy.

When Cadnet asked what inspired the star’s new habits, she attributed that to “being obedient to the law.”

“It’s court-mandated,” she said, adding that she only used marijuana to manage the pain caused by her endometriosis.

Haddish was arrested in November 2023 for suspicion of driving under the influence. However, the charges were eventually dismissed and she pleaded no contest to a vehicle code violation. The Girl’s Trip actress fell asleep at the wheel in the middle of Beverly Drive while the car was still running. Before that, the comedian was also arrested on suspicion of a DUI in Georgia in January 2022.

Shortly after being released, Haddish made light of the situation, telling a joke about it right before performing at an event at the Laugh Factory in Long Beach.

“I had prayed to God to send me a man with a job, career, preferably in a uniform, and God answered my prayers,” she said in audio footage captured from the event obtained by TMZ.

After the most recent arrest, Haddish told Entertainment Tonight that she would “get some help,” so that “I can learn balance and boundaries.”

On the podcast, she said since learning what her true vices are, she is focusing her attention on healthier practices.

“When that was all taken away from me, it was like, ‘OK, let me try this whole vegan [thing],” she added. “I’m going to try raw vegan and see how that goes.”

It looks like she’s on the right track so far and we wish her well.

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