These Celebs Share Money-Saving Tips You Can Use This Holiday Season

The The holiday season is officially upon us and along with cheer, this time also brings lots of shopping.

Broadly, US holiday sales increase 13.5% in 2021, according to the National Retail Federation (NRF), with an expectation for consumers to spend between 6% to 8% more this 2022 holiday season, topping out at $942.6 – $960.4 billion in spending.

But this still comes as a looming recession and rising living costs continue to worry consumers.

“It’s food, it’s medical care, it’s housing and shelter costs. It’s essential services such as veterinary care, and child care,” said Leo Feler, chief economist at market researcher Numerator. “All of these things come first before consumers buy holiday gifts.”

This heightened concerned over finances are not lost on major retailers, who are sweetening the deals more this season to encourage more spending, much to the delight of bargain shoppers out there.

For example, as CNBC reported, in October, Amazon threw a Prime Day-like sales event, the first time it has had two discount days in one year. year. Additionally, big box stores like Target and Walmart launched holiday sales early as well, with deals running a month before they usually kickoff.

With that said, everyone is aiming to stretch a dollar, even our favorite celebs. Here are a few stars that shared their money-saving shopping tips.

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