These Are The Nail Trends To Try This Summer– According To The Pros

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For many of us, getting our nails done is a lifestyle. Afterall, our hands give life to the expressions we make on a day-to-day basis: be it snapping our fingers while yelling, “I know that’s right” or putting our hands on our forehead after reading a stressful email at work. 

With summer around the corner, it’s time for our hands to be waving side to side at all the best parties. Say goodbye to your spring pastels spring colors and kick your colorful and electric hues into high gear instead. 

With that in mind, four incredibly talented nail techs spill the tea on all the latest summer nail trends below. 

Jannyl Ynoa of Doux Bomb Nails is here for the girls who want to stay true to their neutral aesthetic. “Metallic nudes are perfect for those that like chic and nude looks,” says Ynoa. Unlike the classic French, you can play with any nail shape. Square, oval, and coffin nail shapes, for example, will keep this look exciting and simple all at the same time. It’s also easy to achieve at home! Ynoa says, “you can easily achieve this by using a nude base color and a sheer chrome coat over the entire nail.” Save your coin with this DIY-friendly summer nail trend. 

Glass nails 

If metallics aren’t really your thing, try glass nails. Like glass skin, glass nails are the best way to keep them shiny. Ynoa advocates for this nail style being perfect for the girl who enjoys a “clean girl” aesthetic. “I love a good simple nail look with a hint of color or texture. You can achieve this look by buffing the nails to make them shiny and go over the nail with a sheer-neutral toned glossy polish,” mentions Ynoa. She also recommends adding gems or rhinestones to your nail pop all summer. 

3D flower trend 

Nyasia McNeil is a vibrant nail technician located in New York City who is all about 3D nail design. She believes 3D nail art will be the year’s most significant summer nail trend. “I’m loving the 3D Hibiscus flower trend!” says McNeil. Nail techs are taking their talent to the next level by adding objects to nail designs as if bringing the art to life. McNeil says this technique can be achieved at home with patience and persistence. “This design can be achieved with 3D hard gel and gel polish,” she says. “The flower would be molded on top of painted nails and then cured with a UV lamp. The artist would then paint and design the 3D flower to match the rest of the design.”  

Fun nails

“Fun nails are when the designs complement each other,” says McNeil. A great example of this is ombré nails. The idea of ombré nails is two colors that blend seamlessly to create an eye-catching appeal. Nail enthusiasts can have fun with this trend because it allows them to pick any colors they like. “Ombré can be created with an airbrush or pigments and brushes,” says McNeil. We recommend leaving it up to your nail tech for this one. 

French manicures 

Contrary to popular belief, French manicures can be fun, too! Trenna Seney, New York Nail Tech of Nail Bae, as an advocate for a summer French mani. “For summer, a colorful French will be a great pop of color,” says Seney. She recommends just having fun with it! Added pops of pinks, blues, and yellows, or do one fun summer color that aligns with your style. “This is also a nail design you can achieve at home! Just use a liner brush or use a makeup sponge. Dab a little on the sponge and press the nail into the sponge to get a covered finish at the tip of the nail,” says Trenna. And remember, practice always makes perfect! 

Florals with a twist

If 3D floral trends are a bit over the top for you, it’s always okay to go back to the basics. A basic floral design can make your nails look not so essential. “I know, I know, “Florals for Spring groundbreaking,” but florals in bright colors or neons are charming and a nice touch if you’re looking for a design for spring/summer,” says Seney. Florals are also an excellent option for those who aren’t into long. A simple floral design over a nude base can keep your nails clean and exciting. 

Clean gel manicure

Clean gel manicures are perfect for girls trying to give “rich girl on a yacht” vibes. “It’s minimal, clean, sophisticated and very expensive looking; I feel like this trend will be around for a while,” says Kadimah Aaliyah, Co-owner of Nuka Nails in London. Like glass nails, you can also add rhinestones or gems to add some texture to your designs. This technique can upgrade your manicure. The best part is this is easily achieved at home! Aaliyah says, “You can apply 2-3 coats of polish and add gems if you’re feeling spicy.” 

Chrome nails

According to Aaliyah, Chrome, otherwise known as “the cool girl mani,” is easier than meets the imagination. “You can achieve this by adding chrome powder to any nail color,” Aaliyah emphasizes. Adding chrome to an essential coat can take your simple mani to the next level. “It’s a great way to elevate any manicure, and we can give thanks to Hailey Bieber!”

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