These Are the Best Fashion Newsletters to Read

The Newsletter: Line Sheet by Lauren Sherman

Line Sheet is a must-read newsletter with an insider’s view of the fashion industry written by the ultimate insider, Lauren Sherman—a former editor at Business of Fashion. “I’m probably unique in this crew, in that my newsletter is one small part of a much bigger, incredibly ambitious publication that covers wealth, power, and influence across the culture,” Sherman explains. “I started reading Puck almost as soon as it launched in 2021 and thought my reporting style and voice were a good match. Lucky for me, they thought so too.”

Each edition takes a look at breaking fashion industry news sprinkled with rumors, personal thoughts, and links worth clicking on. “I cover the industry from the inside, but in a way that people who claim to have zero interest in fashion still enjoy,” Sherman shares. “My readers are a mix of legitimate fashion insiders—CEOs, designers, marketers, editors—people who touch fashion but aren’t in it, and those who have nothing to do with it but find it irresistible. Some readers love the high-fashion intrigue. Some love the DTC drama. Others are just there, really, for my link roundup. It’s a lot of fun.”

As Puck describes it, “Lauren Sherman’s Line Sheet is like going to a great, gossipy dinner and then reading a gratifying piece of journalism.” It’s entertaining and wildly attention grabbing.

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