These Affordable H&M Ballet Flats Should and Will Sell Out

If you’re like me, I’m sure you agree that the best shoe trends are flat shoe trends. They’re certainly the ones I wear the most, as someone who lives in the South and works from home full time. As you can imagine, the fact that one of the biggest shoe trends of the season is a flat one is very exciting to me, and that trend is ballet flats.

I quickly jumped on the satin Miu Miu Ballerinas trend a few months ago and now I can’t stop thinking of a Prada pair that came out before the holidays (and is now almost sold out). They’re made of soft Nappa leather and they feature everyone’s favorite triangle logo nestled on an otherwise classic ballet flat. They’re $950 worth of perfection. 

I know—$950 is a lot of money no matter how you look at it, and since my size in the Prada pair is sold out anyway, you can imagine my excitement when I came across another classic pair of ballet flats on H&M today. Like the Prada pair, they’re made of soft, flexible leather and have a delicate bow. The Prada triangle may be absent but they sure do look expensive for $65.

I have a hunch that these will be one of those H&M items that sell out quickly, so keep scrolling to shop the flats before they do, along with some of my other favorite affordable ballet flats.

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