The TikTok Hack My Dry Lips Needed

In a video with 53.3k views and counting, Dr. Idriss says she hates having dry, chapped lips. “I constantly lick my lips and it’s a struggle,” she tells the camera. Lip basting is helping. Step one, says Dr. Idriss, is to apply an exfoliating acid. She drops a little L’Oréal Paris Revitalift 10% Glycolic Acid onto her index finger and massages it into her lips. “A small amount will go a long way to buff your lips to perfection,” she says. “Once your lips are buffed, you want to seal it in with a really rich ointment,” continues Dr. Idriss, who opts for Weleda Skin Food. “I put a shit ton of this on,” said Dr. Idriss. “My lips look white and they look white on purpose because I want it to melt into my lips, offering long-lasting hydration throughout the day.” Dr. Idriss often allows the mixture to absorb while she does her makeup routine.

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