The Best Jeans in Every Category, Chosen By an Editor

As someone who wears jeans almost every day and is a fashion editor by trade, I have a lot of thoughts about what the best pairs are. If you’ve ever tried on jeans (which I’m guessing you have), you probably know that not all pairs are created equal. There’s a reason why some brands are known for certain styles more than others. And when you find that magical pair, you might find yourself wearing them for years to come. All of these jeans have the potential to be that for you, so let’s dive in.

I broke things down into 6 currently-popular denim styles (yes, including skinny jeans, because some outfits still need them), each filled with my suggestions for the best pairs to spend your money on. And it happens to be Cyber Monday, so I’d say this is a great day to upgrade your denim collection.

Read on to shop the top five best jeans in every relevant style—from straight-leg to baggy.

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