The Best Bikini Trimmers For Neat Hair Removal

It goes without saying that hair removal is a deeply personal thing and I’m in no way advocating intimate hair removal as a beauty essential. Like much of my beauty routine, I take a pretty laissez-faire approach to personal grooming during the colder months, but spring’s arrival always has me rushing to neaten up my bikini area with the promise of bank holiday getaways and summer vacations looming. In fact, it was trying on swimwear for a spa break that I have booked in with my girlfriends next month that had me reaching for my hair removal weapon of choice—the humble bikini trimmer.

I am not about putting myself through any level of unnecessary pain so waxes and me are not a match made in heaven. And while there are plenty of other options—like the best razors, IPL devices and epilators, I find a bikini trimmer the fastest and easiest way to tidy up hair without any fuss, razor burn or need to pop a paracetamol beforehand. However, not all bikini trimmers are created equal, and along with the tool itself it’s important to prep your skin effectively before you start to reduce the chances of ingrown hairs or irritation, especially if you’re going for a clean shave rather than just a trim. 

How to prep your skin before using a bikini trimmer

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