The AirPods Are on Sale for Cyber Monday 2022

AirPods were a bonafide status symbol when they debuted in 2016‚ but these lil’ buds have become a standard tech accessory, just like any other household gadget. Unlike computers and personal assistants (and other helpful home tech), which regularly go on sale, AirPods’ retail prices remain firmly fixed in the “splurge” category for the majority of the year. Luckily, Cyber Monday is one of the best times of the year to score some AirPods on sale —  and we have details on all the deals you need to hear about this weekend.

Whether you lost your original set while out on the town, threw your Pros in the wash by accident, or just had to upgrade to the noise-canceling over-ear Max model, you’re going to want to investigate every retailer with the best AirPods Cyber Monday deals. Target, Walmart, Amazon, and more do-it-all online shops all claim to have the best prices, but we did some digging to discover who’s actually telling the truth. Read on below to score the best AirPod Cyber Monday sales and secure a pair (or two) of these essential tech accessories — and promise yourself you’ll never misplace them again.

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