The 9 Best Blushes for Dark Skin Tones

We’re here to encourage and champion your power to choose, wear, and experiment with every type of beauty product (regardless of formula, color, etc.) your heart desires. Old-school beauty rules are no longer relevant—at least in our opinion—and just because outdated commandments prehistorically assigned certain shades to certain skin tones and undertones (especially where makeup is concerned) doesn’t mean jack squat in 2020. The one rule we do faithfully abide by? There are no rules. 

That being said, we’d be remiss not to acknowledge certain colors look exceptionally amazing on certain skin colors and undertones. And while you’re certainly not required to wear or stick to said shades, they’re an easy (and beautiful!) way to enhance what you already love about your skin and they can make your features pop all the more magically. 

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