The 45 Best Clutch Bags to Buy Right Now

If you were to read any of the text chains between my friends and me, it would be abundantly clear how often we discuss one of the most impractical trends of the century: mini bags. While some handbags have been popular for a long time, it is only within the past few years that the mini-bag trend has risen in prominence. This is due in part to Instagram-favorite designers like Jacquemus helping to usher the trend into viral territory. My mini-bag ramblings have yet to dissipate, but I must admit that I’m relieved to see a new, more practical purse is on the horizon. Please welcome back the timeless clutch bag. 

Clutch bags first emerged in the 1920s to address the needs of consumers who, in lieu of a more practical, traditional carryall, were craving small, stylish bags that would complement specific looks. It’s true that, like mini bags, clutches can be a fussier choice since, by definition, these bags are handheld. But that doesn’t mean they’re not practical. Some of the best clutch bags actually can hold more than a Tic Tac, cost less than a fortune, and—dare I say—give pockets a run for their money. Don’t believe me? Ahead, I’ve rounded up the 45 best clutch bags in every shape and at every price point.

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