The 4 Trending Spring Makeup Looks to Know About for 2024

Lighter evenings, warmer (read: not freezing) days and bulbs bravely pushing up through the soil—there’s just something about spring. And, yes, there’s something about summer, autumn and winter too, but when spring opens a sleepy, daffodil-filled eye, it feels like we breathe a collective sigh of relief. Newness! Freshness! All of it on the cusp of spilling over into a long, hazy summer. It feels like magic, doesn’t it?

As an admittedly low-key beauty editor, I find the same energy slips into how I feel about my appearance. The scraggly ends I’ve been manhandling into a claw clip suddenly feel suffocating, and only a big(ish) chop will do. Cuticles are moisturised and makeup bags are emptied, picked through and cleaned. The energy I have to give these small things doubles and almost always coincides with the fast-forwarding of our clocks.