The 13 Best Rose Perfumes Around, Period

As recently as a year or so ago, the thought of rose perfume immediately made my nose wrinkle. Bags of potpourri, heady bouquets of red roses, and, sorry, my dear Grandma Evelyn’s powdery-pink cardigans came to mind. Of course, all of the above are lovely and nostalgic in their own special ways, but the sampling isn’t exactly what I’m going for when I’m searching for a new signature scent or when I’m reaching for a perfume pre-date. But then, something weird happened. Suddenly, almost every new fragrance launch I received featured rose as its MVP, and I found that I liked each new fragrance better than the last.

So, long story short, I’m now infatuated with rose perfumes, and in addition to rediscovering the cult classics that definitely aren’t old-fashioned, plenty of the most coveted perfume houses have been debuting new iterations of the floral scent. Some are balanced with citrus or juicy stone fruits, while others veer warm and spicy thanks to musks, pepper, or vanilla. Regardless, some of the absolute best perfumes on the market right now put rose front and center as their compliment-inducing It factor. There are plenty more where this comes from, but below, I’m sharing 13 standout rose perfumes that absolutely disprove the notion that rose is old-fashioned or reserved for grandparents only. Keep scrolling! 

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