The 11 Best Piggy Paint Nail Polishes

First things first, wash those hands with soap and water. Next, apply a thin layer of Piggy Paint Basecoat + Topcoat ($5) to ensure a chip-resistant mani and let it air dry. Now, it’s time for the color! Paint on two to three coats of polish, but here’s where things get different… you’ll need a blow-dryer. 

Blow-dry polished nails for one minute with a hair dryer set on a warm heat/low setting, as warm heat helps harden polish quickly. Lastly, apply a thin layer of Piggy Paint Basecoat + Topcoat ($5) and blow-dry the nails once more to finalize the look. 

Now that you know how to give your little one a nontoxic mani, here are a few of the best nail polish shades from Piggy Paint. Keep scrolling!

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