The 11 best no-makeup makeup products, according to a beauty editor.

(Image credit: @morganfargo)

As a beauty editor, the thought of wearing as little makeup as possible seems like an oxymoron. Surely, the sheer gamut of products we try and test should mean we’re stepping out coated in newness each day, right? Well, sort of. In reality, I’ve found that as my career inches on, the amount of time I want to spend on my face decreases. Funnily enough, stripping back my beauty routine has made me much more accepting of my face at the same time.

Instead, I want to have a capsule collection of products I can call on at any time and know that, not only will they live up to the task, but they’ll excel well beyond it, too. For me, this is that. An 11-piece ensemble of glow-giving, dew-enhancing make-up that doesn’t mask my skin or the shape of my face. Think ‘no makeup makeup’ with a soupçon more colour and polish and we’ll be on the same wavelength.