Suffer From Social Anxiety At Concerts? Try A Lounge Experience Instead

If you’re an ambivert like me, you may have anxiety in large groups or social settings, especially at concerts. When I attended The Weeknd After Hours concert at SoFi stadium last Sunday, I felt overwhelmed by the sea of people in the stands. 

The 70,240-seat sports and entertainment indoor arena in Inglewood has become a popular destination among concert-goers and sports fans alike. Still, I have intentionally stayed away from the venue, concerned about a potential panic attack ruining my night out. 

Like many, my social anxiety heightened during the throes of COVID-19. The isolation, remote work, and quarantine altered my social skills, causing me anxiety and stress while interacting with people and huge crowds of strangers, especially at concerts. 

I’m not alone in experiencing social anxiety. According to Mental Health America, fifteen million, about seven percent, of American adults have Social Anxiety Disorder. While there’s no specific cause, several factors can increase a person’s likelihood of developing Social Anxiety Disorder, including trauma, or the condition can be passed down throughout family lineage. 

Social Anxiety Disorder can be treated with cognitive-behavior therapy, as the practice can help manage the thoughts and physical symptoms associated with the order. Aside from CBT, Mental Health of America recommends exposure therapy, focusing on facing a fear or phobia directly. 

Exposure therapy involves learning coping skills to remedy the feeling of intensity of the disorder, including experiencing discomfort and fear in social settings. This type of therapy is considered to be highly successful, as those who suffer from social anxiety learn that they can handle fear-inducing situations, like concerts. 

I faced my fears by attending the concert with the help of the h.wood team and the Bootsy Bellows lounge at SoFi. The swanky and intimate Boosty Bellows lounge offered the privacy and safety I needed to enjoy The Weeknd’s melodic and brooding tunes. Bootsy Bellows at SoFi Stadium is a destination that combines sports, music, fashion, food, and entertainment to create a luxurious and comfortable experience, allowing fans to enjoy festivities exclusively. 

Relatively new, the field-level lounge opened on September 12th at SoFi, but Black Hollywood, like Kevin Hart, YG, and Damson Idris, has already graced the lounge with their presence, proving the suite to be a trendy hot spot. 

Developed in partnership with global hospitality firm The h.wood Group, Bootsy Bellows at SoFi Stadium includes a cocktail bar, modernist architectural details, plush seating, and a DJ booth with a classic vintage design that pays homage to the original West Hollywood Bootsy Bellows.

The lounge also took the hassle out of trekking to the public bathrooms, bars, and food stands throughout SoFi. Instead, I could order a beverage or food five minutes away from my seat and use the suite’s private bathroom, limiting my anxiety around waiting in long lines. 

Sitting in a lounge can provide peace, comfort, and calmness, allowing you to enjoy the evening with limited anxiety, surrounded by an elevated scene. 

Visit the Bootsy Bellow lounge at 1001 Stadium Dr, Inglewood, CA 90301

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