Social Media Star Kayla Nicole Says She’s Not A ‘Deadbeat’ Mom Because She Let Her Kids Live With Their Father

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Social media influencer Kayla Nicole Jones has a message for people on the internet criticizing her because her kids are currently being raised by their father, her estranged husband Luhkye. He lives in Alabama while she lives in Georgia. The mother of two addressed “deadbeat” comments in an interview with YouTuber All About Carmen explaining that he has a bigger support system around him to take care of their two small children following their breakup.

“I got a good baby dad,” she said. “So, I mean, he can’t take care of his kids?”

She then went on to explain how the kids ended up staying with him, sharing that it was an agreement made after they called it quits.

“He asked me before he left the house and was getting his stuff, he said, ‘Can I take the baby?’ I said, yes. ‘Can I keep my son?’ Y’all want me to tell him no?” she asked.

She continued, “But it’s not like he has them and I don’t have them. We just share. He all the way in Alabama. I’m in Georgia. What sense would it make for me to have two little children by myself and all our life is back home?”

The content creator went on to share that their families, including her parents as well as Luhkye’s, are back in Alabama. She currently lives two and a half hours away from him.

“I can’t just struggle here by myself with them. What can I do? Just call and cry if I’m having a hard time? But luckily when I do keep them by myself, my kids do not trip on me. They got their routine, they got their bedtime, they listen to me, we have fun, we do our s–t. I just don’t show people all that,” she said. “If anything, sometimes they be acting up down there. But when they get to mama? They know what’s up.”

“I don’t really know why people would make that conclusion,” she added regarding people accusing her of being a “deadbeat” mom. “If I was a deadbeat and I wasn’t doing my part, don’t you think ‘Kye would say something? Don’t you think my mom would say something? Nobody would let me get away with that. Me? And as amazing as my kids are? Be serious.”

Jones has two children with her ex Luhkye, who she began dating in 2019. Messiah Kaylon Ni’Colby was born on February 1, 2021, and their daughter, Kaleesia, was born in September 2022.

The social media influencer shared news of her separation with fans in summer of 2023.

“Really don’t know how else to announce but I owe y’all the update because my marriage was public. That’s all. Moving on now. Ttyl or not,” she said in a post. “No it wasn’t the kids. They happily live with their father since our separation.”

The post received backlash with people accusing her of being a bad mother because her kids weren’t with her. “We share [custody]. He just wanted to have them so I could focus and heal,” she explained.

Sounds like this arrangement is still in place now and works for her, for him, and most importantly, for their two small children.

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