Shop 6 Outfit Ideas All for Under $200 Each

Responsible budget-making millennial here. I’m working on lowering my average monthly spending, so this is an accountability article. I’m hoping that you clicked in with similar goals in mind. I challenged myself to put together outfits that add up to under $200 total for the mutual benefit of our budget-management goals. 

Classic outfits don’t have to cost a paycheck, especially if you instate staple pieces that can be utilized throughout your wardrobe. Unexpected combinations of these pieces and bold accessories are a lasting way to expand your closet without actively spending a lot. Unexpectedly pair your white button down with party pants or your black trousers with a colorful cardigan. 

As a starting point, I’ve picked outfit inspiration that incorporates basic staples and standout pieces so you can supplement whatever you may be lacking to create this perfect capsule closet.

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