Shemar Moore Is Expecting His First Baby!

Actor Shemar Moore reveals life-changing news during his appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show, airing Thursday, January 26. The star shared an exclusive announcement – he is expecting his first child, making his deceased mother’s dream come true! 

“In real life, Shemar Moore is about to be a daddy,” the 52-year-old actor announces to host Jennifer Hudson and her live audience. Moore is expecting a baby on February 8th, which is also the third anniversary of his mother, Marilyn Joan Wilson-Moore, dying.

“That is news,” Hudson exclaims. “And your mama gonna be so proud smiling at you from heaven.”

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Moore is excited and grateful for this new addition to his life but does vulnerably admit he was worried that having a child may not happen for him. “I thought, maybe that ship had sailed, and, you know, God had my back and things lined up. …My life is pretty grand, but I know once God does call my name, once I get this experience, I’ll be able to go to heaven whole.”

We’re sending him love and support and can’t wait to see the baby and Moore in the leading role as a father. 

Moore’s full interview on The Jennifer Hudson Show airs Thursday, Jan. 26. For more baby news, check out the links below.

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