Reviewed: RéVive Skincare’s Resurfacing Multi-Acid Mask

Despite my love for both RéVive and Marino, I wasn’t holding my breath for any major kind of skin transformation. My skin had been in a rut, and no matter what I was throwing at it at home, nothing seemed to change. (Also, between us, I’ve experienced plenty of lovely and fluffy facials that don’t actually do much to improve my skin.) So the fact that my skin looked and felt unbelievable—albeit slightly red, which is normal—post-treatment and looked even more unbelievable the next day, shook me to my core. 

“The Masque de Brilliance instantly renews and resurfaces, visibly reducing dull, dehydrated skin and the appearance of fine lines,” Brown tells me. “Over time, you’ll also notice an improvement in the skin’s texture and overall radiance.” A product that offers instant and long-term gratification? Yes, please!

“When you add on the Moisturizing Renewal Oil, you’re provided with immediate hydration, environmental protection, and over time, optimal skin renewal thanks to our signature Bio-Renewal Technology,” he continues. According to Brown, the new mask marks the first time the brand has ever used a blend of three acids in a product, and while it had created a peel years ago, this new launch is an upgraded version that harnesses the power of a chemical peel you can use at home without the downtime.

“We know that more than 80% of our customers are getting professional treatments, so we wanted to offer them something to achieve similar results at home,” says Brown. 

It’s also worth noting that while I’ve typically never been a facial-oil girl, the new Moisturizing Renewal Oil has officially turned me into a facial-oil girl. Namely thanks to its decadent, serum-like texture that leaves your skin looking like a glowing orb of light and a carefully chosen blend of ingredients that feel lightweight on the skin and play nicely with oily and acne-prone skin types, like me. “It’s the only oil on the market that addresses hydration, environmental protection, and skin renewal through our signature Bio-Renewal Technology,” Brown confirms. 

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