Reviewed: NuFace’s Toning Device and Our Honest Thoughts

What happened during the whole process?

For the best results, you should take a picture of your face before you begin using the NuFace and another picture after 60 days of using the NuFace five times a week. For this challenge, I only used the NuFace for 30 days, so I’m still on my sculpting journey, but I can already see tremendous results. In the beginning, I used the facial guide provided with my NuFace Mini to get the hang of how to use the device and in what order on my face. I always started at my neck, moving in slow upward motions until I heard the device beep. Then I’d move on to another portion of my neck and face, slowly working my way up until I’d finish on my forehead. Once I was a few weeks into the process and felt more comfortable with my NuFace, I’d play around with where I wanted to use the device and focus a bit more on my cheekbone, jawline, and eyebrow—those were the places where I began to see the most significant changes. I loved adding this tool to my skincare routine, and I often used it in the morning, which felt like a moment of self-care to start my day.

Any challenges?

I always needed to make sure my face was adequately moisturized when using my device. If your skin is on the drier side, or the primer has quickly soaked into your skin (ahem, the story of my life) prior to running the device over it, it will give you a slightly shocking “zap” feeling. I also tried to avoid running the tool over my hairline and eyebrows, as sometimes I’d get the same zapping sensation. On a pain scale, I’d give it a 0.05 out of 10, so it’s definitely painless. It’s just a little surprising when it happens.

Any surprises?

I was genuinely surprised at how well this tool sculpted my face, most notably my cheekbone area.

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