Reginae Carter Teams Up With BLK Dating App To Highlight Her Search For Connection


Reginae Carter, the actress and influencer, has entered the chat. She recently decided to partner with BLK, the world’s largest dating and lifestyle app for the Black community, to document her search for deeper connection, friendship, and maybe, something a little more. Over the past few weeks, Carter has been chronicling her journey on BLK, offering a unique glimpse into her personal life, aspirations, and the dynamics of modern romance, as we often have our gripes about potential partners being non-commital and non-romantic these days. 

Carter’s infectious personality and open-book nature serve as the perfect match for the BLK app.”We are so thrilled to partner with Reginae Carter, whose vibrant personality and authentic approach to life perfectly align with BLK’s mission of fostering meaningful connections within the Black community,” says Jonathan Kirkland, Head of BLK. “Reginae’s dating journey is not only a captivating narrative but also a reflection of the modern dating landscape for young Black singles.” 

He continues, “Through her partnership with BLK, we aim to inspire and empower other young Black singles to embrace their own unique paths to love and connection. We believe Reginae’s story will resonate deeply with our audience, showcasing the power of genuine relationships in today’s digital world.”

Through candid social media updates and engaging content, she plans to share her insights, challenges and triumphs as she navigates the complexities of dating in today’s digital age. However, ESSENCE received a glimpse of her thought process around dates and even got to soak up some specialized game from the Gen-Zer, making us take copious notes. Check out our fun conversation below!

ESSENCE: How’s your dating life right now?

Reginae Carter: The dating pool is not that cool, which is why I’m doing this new partnership with BLK. However, I’m having fun with dating. I’m not like, “Oh, I have to date someone right now.” I’m just having fun!

So, speak to us about this partnership. 

My dating life is always on everybody’s mind, and people always care, so I thought it would be a good idea to join the app and encourage others to keep up with my journey. Also, it’s a Black-owned app! I feel like I can relate to the app because of the people on there. I can see myself being cool with them, being friends with them, or maybe being in a relationship with them. 

Has your dating journey improved slightly since partnering with BLK? 

The app gives me options. I’ve never been on one before, but it’s fun! I love that there are Black people there and that we can all relate to each other. I also love that the app has different personality badges. I feel like everybody always does a simple bio and pictures, but on BLK, you can get creative. Everybody loves a fun app where you can do some extra stuff.

Dating can be frustrating. How can single ladies continue navigating dating without feeling discouraged? 

That’s why you have to love yourself. You have to date yourself and know that you’re dating for fun, and you’re dating because it’s the plus or is adding to whatever you have now. I don’t need to date because I’m lost or need something to fill me up or a void I’m missing. If it doesn’t work out with someone, it just doesn’t. NEXT! 

So, what are you looking for in a partner? 

I’m looking for someone who’s God-fearing, respects, and loves his mother. He has to be handsome and not intimidated by me. Many men are intimidated by me because of who I am and who my father is. I want someone who can communicate and be emotionally available. I want to have a best friend in my partner. 

What do you wish the dating scene had more of? For me, it’s courting. 

I wish more men were courted, too. But as for me, I often get courted! You have to set the tone early on to make sure they know that’s what you expect. From all my situations and relationships, I learned what I should do moving forward. I know my worth. I have seen a man court me, so I know it can be done. But mean want you to court them nowadays. 

What are some important love lessons that you’ve learned over the years that have guided you into this new chapter?

Trust yourself and get to know yourself. Find out what you really like and what you don’t like, and get to know each other. Take your time sharing your relationship status with everybody. You have to keep certain things to yourself because not everybody will be happy for you or supportive. 

Advice for the single ladies out there, trying the BLK for the first time and dating again? 

Trust the process. Make sure you love yourself because I feel like if you go into a situation loving yourself, you’re not going to let anyone play with you. Make sure you also prioritize a relationship with God and ask him to guide you through it and help you out with anything, even on the app. Also, if you don’t have to rush the app, take your time with it.

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