Recreate Pat McGrath’s Viral Glazed Skin from the Maison Margiela Show

Unless you’ve been without access to social media, you won’t have seen the incredible and utterly spell-bounding beauty look created by makeup artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath for the Masion Margiela Artisanal Spring 2024 show. As part of Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, Pat debuted a glazed, porcelain doll-like skin that has had everyone loosing their minds over just how she created it.

“Absolutely ICONIC”, “Breathtaking”, “THIS. IS. ART!”, “Are you a magician?!” were just a small token of the thousands of comments left on Pat McGrath’s Instagram. The most asked question on every ones minds though? JUST HOW?!

My Instagram and TikTok FYP’s have been flooded with ‘How To’ tutorials of people trying to figure out just how McGrath and team achieved the look. Thanks to one of my most favorite of beauty content creators, Erin Parsons, best known for her immense makeup knowledge and impressive collection of vintage make-up, has masterfully figured out a way for us to re-create the viral look:


Although Pat McGrath is yet to release her secret, Parsons figured out a fantastic alternative by using the Freeman Peel Off Mask, watering it down and applying in light layers on top of their finished makeup look.

This application gives you the sought after porcelain doll skin McGrath and team created oh so beautifully backstage. Will you be trying to recreate it?

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