Quiet Luxury Is in the Lead—9 Brands That Define Chic

Throughout history, the look of opulence was set in loudness. At first, it was about the jewels you had around your neck or the furs in your wardrobe. Later on, luxury was labeled by the logos on your handbags. Now? There might still be a market for logomania and maximalism, but it seems that wealth has decided to lower itself into a whisper. According to Forbes, in established luxury markets, including the United States, there is a growing trend for quiet luxury. Labels such as The Row and Khaite are brands that center around those “in the know.” Only those with a trained eye for understated taste can recognize such an item. If The Devil Wears Prada was set in 2023, the iconic line would no longer be “Are those the Chanel boots?” Now, it’d be “Are those The Row?”

There’s a new class of designer labels at the top of everyone’s wish lists, and they’ve each taken their own approach to minimalistic and modern design. We’ve highlighted ten labels that fall into the sought-after category. These designers of clothes that are simple but never boring are all set on the goal of creating pieces meant to be worn season after season. They do rely on the “less is more” concept, but none of it takes away from appealing design details such as unique silhouettes and signature fabrics.

Opulence officially has a new meaning. Are you ready to be in the know? Keep scrolling.

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