Polynucleotide Injections For Dark Circles, Reviewed

When I recently sat down next to Dr Ahmed El Muntasar (who you probably know as @TheAestheticsDoctor) at a dinner, I couldn’t help myself – I just had to ask him what he’d do to my face, if he had the chance. Back then (a whole three months ago), I was completely tweakment free and my face had never been touched with a needle. 

“Probably a little something with your under-eyes,” he replied. I gasped—tear trough fillers? Quelle horreur! If you ask me to pick just one treatment that scares me the most, I will always reply with tear trough. “No, not necessarily,” he continued, unperturbed by my resistance. “You could always try polynucleotides,” he said.

(Image credit: Humeara Mohamed)

My under-eyes have always featured dark circles—a gift from my father—and they’re pretty much always slathered in layers of brightening concealer. They were indeed slathered when Dr Ahmed suggested polynucleotides, which is a testament to just how hollow they clearly were. Fast-forward a few months and I’m three sessions-deep into my polynucleotide treatments, and I have some thoughts to share.

What are polynucleotides?

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