Netflix Bling Empire New York Spinoff Is Honest, Real

But one of the most impactful storylines comes from Leung. In episode two, viewers follow Leung through her experience at Paris Fashion Week, as she scrambles around the city in various haute couture garments. She looks fabulous, but as we later find out, looks can be deceiving, because she feels anything but. Leung ends up missing a show. And not just any show, but a front row seat at the Chanel show.  What many may have initially thought of as frivolous quickly turns serious, as she breaks down in the car. Back in New York, Leung opens up to Blake Abbie. “I was texting you guys: ‘I feel like I’m on the edge of a cliff,’” she says, before detailing the fact that being by herself often, running around to different events, “it feels a little bit lonely.” Crying, she shares the pressure she feels to stay relevant as a fashion influencer, and while recognizing that she’s lucky, tells him, “I’m really tired…and I haven’t seen my sisters in so long.” 

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