Monica’s New Beau Loves Her In A Way That Allows Her To Be Softer: ‘In My Relationship Now, I Don’t Have To Take Over’

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News about Monica dating producer Anthony “Ant” Wilson became public in October 2023. Wilson, who has worked as Chris Brown’s manager and is an executive producer for the Starz hit series BMF, penned a sweet birthday message to the singer on social media. The star has since opened up about it and the fact that she’s being loved in a whole new way during a recent interview with HelloBeautiful.

“When you fall in love with someone that’s been your friend for a very long time, I think it’s different. This is the first time it’s ever happened to me. So I’m new in the space, but I’m definitely enjoying it,” she revealed. “I’m enjoying being supported. I’m enjoying being really loved in a way that allows me to be a lot softer than I typically am.”

“One of the things that stands out to me most that he consistently does is fix things. And I don’t mean physically fixing them, but I mean, in any capacity, if I’m looking for it, it helps that he’s very knowledgeable about the business and he runs several businesses of his own, but he’s able to help me do things that I’ve always had to do alone,” she continued.

“Taking some of the burden off my back on a daily basis allows me to be more free, even with the children or in other places. I can think about so many other things because if he calls me and he hears the slightest bit of stress in my voice, whatever I tell him is wrong, he fixes it. And that’s something I’ve never experienced before, ever.”

Monica is the mother of three children—Laiyah, Rodney and Romelo. She shares Laiyah with former NBA player Shannon Brown, whom she was married to for nine years before they divorced in 2019. Rodney and Romelo are the young men she shares with rapper Rodney “Rocko” Hill, and she keeps a close relationship with Rocko’s son Ramone (who is featured on the cover with the star’s family).

“In my relationship now, I don’t have to take over. I don’t have to overthink anything really. I can just be myself, express myself, explain what’s happening in my daily, and he just fixes it,” Monica says about Wilson. The most important thing about him that I think people would be surprised because he’s so stern in business, is that he is the ultimate family man. He can tell you where all of my children are most of the day. He loves to make sure that his relationship with them is intact. Not in a way that seems forced but natural. Whatever it is they love, he goes to that, meet me, meets them where they are.”

Before Wilson, the singer dated incarcerated rapper C-Murda. In 2023, she admitted that she was heartbroken by the way that relationship ended. During the HelloBeautiful interview, Monica explained that her love and loyalty has been taken advantage of by past companions. “I love extremely hard and that sometimes has caused me to be hurt in tremendous manners,” Monica said, adding that she can forgive because she holds herself accountable for “her part” in these relationships. She had to go through lessons to prepare her for the love she now shares with Wilson.

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