Meet The All Women Mariachi Bands Leading A Rebellion

While Flor de Toloache’s diverse members have helped them build a vast fan base that crosses gender, age, race, ethnicity, and language, it hasn’t been easy for the group to find acceptance within the mariachi community. “It’s not very common in mariachi to see a Black person leading a band, especially an all-female band,” says bandleader and co-founder Mireya Ramos, who is of Dominican-Mexican descent and was raised in Puerto Rico. But, according to the musician, this is why bringing her whole self to her artistry is so critical. The group often performs “Las Caras Lindas,” an iconic Puerto Rican song originally composed and performed by salsero Ismael Rivera that speaks melancholy to racial politics on the archipelago, as a way for Ramos to celebrate her Afro-Latina origins. 

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