Meet 3 Beauty Bosses Reshaping The Industry

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Black women are the powerhouses of the beauty industry, shelling out a staggering $1.7 billion annually on hair care alone. That’s nine times more than any other demographic! However, despite this immense buying power, our influence hasn’t always translated to leadership roles. But the tide is turning. In 2020, we watched Black women (finally) start to take the helm in leadership roles, which now afforded a new wave of young, brilliant Black beauty bosses.

These young ladies are climbing the corporate ladder and steering the industry towards a future rich in inclusivity. They hold roles in Collaboration, Social Media, and Influencer Marketing, which positions them perfectly to bridge the gap between brands and Black consumers. They leverage their social media fluency to create authentic content that resonates with Black audiences across platforms. 

As they continue to rise, we can expect a future where Black women are not just the financial force behind the industry but also the creative minds shaping its direction, reflected not just in corporate spaces but also in every like, share, and view on social media.

We spoke to three young women making their mark: Jayda Parris, Maricia Josephs, and Jaylen Swint. Below, just in time to wrap up Women’s History Month, they share their experiences, insights, and visions for a more inclusive future of beauty in the boardroom.

Parris wants to make a difference in beauty from the inside out. She knows that this generation craves real portrayals, not just pretty pictures. “Growing up, makeovers showed the magic of beauty, but I needed to see myself in that world, too,” she explains. “That’s why I work in a corporate role– to make sure Black voices are heard and authentically represented in everything, from shade ranges to campaigns.”

Consumers are demanding diversity, and brands are finally catching on. In her role, she actively pushes for equity and fairness by advocating for more diverse talent and influencer partnerships. While climbing the corporate beauty ladder, Parris says that mentors have been a guiding light in her career. She champions this generation to “do their homework,” and find a mentor who will support them along their journey. Looking ahead, she envisions more Black women in leadership roles and increased investment in diverse talent.

Maricia Josephs: Manager of Collaborations, Collections, and Celebrity, MAC Cosmetics:

Josephs is all about celebrating cultural moments and amplifying diverse voices at MAC. She respects MAC’s long history of representing all kinds of beauty and loves how they honor the roots of beauty trends. “At MAC, I use my voice to advocate for Black talent in collaborations and leadership,” she says. “Being Black in this industry allows me to share cultural nuances and champion Black voices. We have to speak up!”

She advises aspiring leaders to advocate for themselves and trust their unique viewpoints. Additionally she recommends not to fear pivoting career paths; reminding us that she recently transitioned from fashion to the beauty industry herself. She envisions a future where the beauty industry honors its origins and collaborates authentically with diverse communities.

Jaylen’s passion for fashion and beauty goes beyond aesthetics. “It’s about creativity and self-expression, especially for Black people,” she says. “Representation is crucial. Seeing skewed beauty standards can negatively impact Black women. Authentic representation is essential to redefine how we see ourselves and empower future generations. In my role, I leverage social media to showcase Black beauty and actively support Black creators.”

She champions diversity by making sure all kinds of faces are seen in content. Swint sees being a Black woman in leadership as a superpower and encourages others to own their perspectives. Jaylen tells the next generation to “build a supportive community and lift as you climb. There’s room for everyone at the top!”

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