Marsai Martin Undergoes Surgery To Remove Ovarian Cyst

There’s been an ongoing conversation about the importance of listening to your body, and Marsai Martin is one of the latest celebs echoing this message. The Black-ish star opened up about the ovarian cyst removal surgery she recently had to undergo. Martin, 18, shared her story via Instagram live initially. She then shared a recap on her Instagram stories. 

“If you missed my live, long story short, I had surgery for my large ovarian cyst that gave me constant pain for 4+ years,” she wrote on  the clip. “I really don’t remember any of this sh*t because of the anesthesia, lol. But I will say that I am very grateful to have family and educators by my side in support of this process.”

An ovarian cyst is when sacs in or on the surface of your ovary fill with fluid. Ovarian cysts are common in women with regular periods and can go away independently without treatment. However, in worst-case scenarios, they can become twisted or ruptured, leading to pelvic pain, abdominal pressure, or bloating. 

“The only reason I am sharing this is so I can spread awareness and share my experience with the young women out there who may be going through the same thing or have difficult menstrual cycles,” Martin continued. “You are never alone. Listen to your body. It always shows you signs. Health is wealth.”

The next day, she shared an update on Instagram and assured fans that she has recovered well from the procedure.

“Thank y’all for all the love,” she wrote. “The procedure was 10 days ago, and I’m now feeling fine. I also appreciate the stories from folks that have been through the same thing! But I’m back, and I’m betta,” she said.
Ovarian cysts around 10% of women experience–you may not even notice they’re there. In severe cases, they could become cancerous, so if you suspect something is off, talk to a healthcare professional.

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