Laser Hair Removal for Men

NaNa Osafo- Mensah

When most of us think of laser hair removal, we think of it as something women do to get rid of unwanted hair. But you know what? Men have unwanted hair too! And that’s why NaNa Osafo- Mensah is sharing his story with us.

A defensive lineman for the Fighting Irish, NaNa is a senior at Notre Dame pursuing a master’s degree in business management. He works hard, plays hard, and loves hanging out with his boys, but he was always annoyed by in-grown hairs. After talking to his parents about it, he used creams and plucked, but when a friend posted about Milan Laser Hair Removal, he decided to check it out.

Now coming up on his 10th treatment, he said he only has a few more left until he has completed laser hair removal along his neck and jawline. “I’ve been loving it ever since I started it,” says NaNa, “I like that it gets rid of all the hair. I don’t need to worry about shaving, I don’t need to worry about being ready before certain events, and I don’t have to worry about bumps or in-grown hairs because there isn’t anything there. It’s a really nice feeling.”

Laser Hair Removal for Men
NaNa Osafo- Mensah

Although he was excited to get into the process, NaNa admitted the sensation of the laser was not what he thought it would be. “People said it hurt a little bit. I didn’t think it was painful, but it was unexpected,” he says. “It was like separate buzzes for each hair, and while the intensity increased with every session, it still wasn’t painful.”

He confided that at first, he had a fleeting thought that maybe it was a little too feminine, “but I am so happy I went forward with it,” he says. “At the end of the day, I’m doing something to make me happy, and I don’t care what people might think.” Then after folks found out he was getting laser hair removal, NaNa says that men and women started asking him about it. He loved the opportunity to empower others to look forward and try laser hair removal instead of just going through the same process of shaving or waxing over and over again.

Laser Hair Removal for Men
NaNa Osafo- Mensah

And he has absolutely loved his experience at Milan Laser. “They are awesome,” says NaNa. “They are always smiling and happy, they have the best customer service. It has been a great experience.” He goes on to say that his treatments have changed his life. “I’ve always been kind of insecure about my ingrown hairs, but being able to get rid of that and not worry about it has changed my life for the better.”

So, if you’ve been battling in-grown hairs or other hair-related issues like PCOS, check out Milan Laser and book your free treatment and free consultation now.

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