Keke Palmer Takes Control With New Memoir, ‘Master Of Me’

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Keke Palmer has had an amazing life and career. From starring in films such as Akeelah and the Bee, CrazySexyCool, and Nope, along being regarded as one of the most influential people in the world by TIME Magazine, this Illinois native has had her fair share of success. But as with most narratives of triumph, there’s also some trials and tribulations in between. Palmer aims to tell the whole story in her new memoir, Master Of Me.

Slated for release on November 19, this exhilarating, deeply poignant, new book, Keke—born Lauren Keyana Palmer—gets real about her life and spirituality. With her unique blend of humor, empathy, and truth, Keke details her journey back to herself as she finds a new center within motherhood, career, and relationships.

“The Virgo speaks,” she wrote in a post on social media. “While I’m unsure when I’ll write another book, now felt like the right time to document my thoughts, having learned much about myself this past year, and I’m excited to share the evolving chapters of my life, embracing the pain, joy, and triumphs as I view everything differently, unafraid to adapt to the changing times, moving from being a Big Boss to mastering myself.”

In her own raw and intimate words Keke talks about everything including her struggles with boundaries, unconditional love, forgiveness and worthiness.  She walks us through how endurance of the challenges that come our way leads to true performance, power, and purpose.

Master Of Me will be published by Flatiron Books on November 19, 2024. You can pre-order the memoir here.

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