Keke Palmer Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

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Keke Palmer brought us joy at the end of 2022 when she revealed her glorious baby bump. She’s now sharing her unborn baby’s gender, revealing in a chat with Jimmy Fallon that she’s set to be a boy mom.

When sharing her little bundle’s potential zodiac signs with the host, the 29-year-old said, “I don’t want to be too blunt for my baby boy.” 

She made it clear that she would have been fine with a girl too.

“It kills me when guys are disappointed that they are having a girl, like they aren’t the reason for that genetic outcome,” the Nope actress tweeted at the start of the year. She added that baby girls are “a blessing.”

Palmer is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Darius Jackson. She shared news of her journey to motherhood with the world while hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live in December. 

During her chat with Fallon, Palmer did reveal that her baby will either be a Pisces or an Aries, meaning he could potentially be due in March. 

“I’m not sure exactly,” she said. “Pisces are known to be very deep, very emotional creatures. She added, “I don’t want to be too … tell it like it is,” she continued. “I need to wade in the water with a Pisces, just keep it chill.”

Jackson and Palmer have been dating for a while now. The two reportedly started seeing one another in May 2021. The actress has always been private about her dating life, so we only see glimpses of their romance here and there. However, they did recently go on a babymoon together that she shared photos from. At the time, the mom-to-be commended herself for slowing down and allowing herself to rest after a busy year. 

“I’m proud of myself for resting this trip,” Palmer wrote in her caption on Instagram. “I am antsy by nature. I love having a schedule, even on vacation. I learned to at least schedule things leisurely, so I have something to complete that’s on brand with the theme of the season. Which is, rest.”

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