It’s Time Dad’s Dive Into Skincare Routines This Father’s Day

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Dads are too busy to think about skincare— or so they say. This is what I perceived when I observed my father. He worked all day during the week and barely had the strength to be attentive to his children when he came home. Monday through Friday was always the same: work, shower, eat, and rest before he had to do it all again the next day. Like most dads, providing for his family was more of a priority than pouring into himself. Once the weekend rolled around, my father’s weekly routine was altered with a casual trip to the barbershop.

Razor blades glided across my father’s head as he casually conversed with his local barber. This casual cut continued to my father’s ingrown hair on his facial area. Covered in shaving cream and a delightful smile was the only time I saw my dad participate in self-care. He would never call it that, of course. To him, it was men being men at a local barbershop. His skincare routine didn’t mirror the intensity of my mother’s, but for my father, it was the one thing during the week that made him feel like the man on the block.  

My father’s routine remains the same two decades later: a once-a-week casual shave. However, it makes me sad to know my father only participates in self-care once a week, when he’s worked hard all his life. Skincare routines are a small way many women pour into themselves daily and dads should have the same privilege. The reality is, most men have been conditioned to think that skincare isn’t “manly enough,” on top of the lack of education on how to take care of their largest organ.

In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, below, medical esthetician Wanda Chandler of SkinSpirit lets us know how all dads can start their skincare journey and take a step closer to daily self-care. Afterall, as Chandler says, “in the last decade, men have become increasingly concerned about aging. They want to look their best! Good skin health is both preventative and maintenance care.” 

Skincare is no longer a movement that only meets the female eye; it’s for everyone; including men and dads who want to care for themselves. Sit back, relax, and let your daughter(s) show you how a real skincare routine is done this Father’s Day.  

Where should he start?

“Men should always start with a professional facial and a 1:1 conversation,” says Chandler. A signature facial is an excellent entryway into shedding old skin and welcoming a new one. The esthetician will thoroughly clean the skin using microdermabrasion to release excess dirt in our pores, apply enzymes for further cleaning and softening, extract blemishes, and end with a facial mask. 

Once the facial is completed, the esthetician will be able to guide the client on best skin practices. “Your esthetician can help assess any allergies, sensitives, pigmentation, acne, and other concerns to help consult on the right at-home skincare regimen,” says Chandler. Signature facials can be found at most spa locations, but they’re also available at SkinSpirit in New York and fifteen locations across the U.S.  

What’s a good routine for beginners?

Chandler advocates for men to have a dense skincare routine that provides the following: a gentle cleanser, an antioxidant for environmental protection, essential hydration, sun protection, and retinol for anti-aging. Her favorite products that complement this routine are ZO Gentle Cleanser, Skinceuticals B5 serum, Alto SkinBetter Science, Solo Hydrating Defense MEN SkinBetter Science, and SkinMedica Sport spf. She also says to repeat the same exercise in the evening, substituting the sunscreen for ALPHARET SkinBetter Science. “Your daily skincare routine should focus on skin protection and prevention,” explains Chandler. 

What ingredients should they look out for?

Ingredients impact skincare when it comes to protection and prevention. To Chandler, implementing ingredients like vitamin C, retinol, caffeine, niacinamide, and antioxidants makes for a powerful routine. “Vitamin C and Niacinamide are potent antioxidant ingredients that help deliver glowing, healthy-looking skin. Caffeine is great for the eye area to help depuff, brighten, and combat that tired look around the eye,” says Chandler. She also agrees retinol is incredible for cellular turnover and smoothing and resurfacing skin. Retinol is a highly favored go-to ingredient for those trying to slow the aging process. 

What if they have beards?

For fathers with beards, a few steps are needed for your skincare routine. Beards are cool and always in style, but they can also hinder getting to the root of your pores. Chandler explains, “Beards need extra attention, or they can get folliculitis, acne, and ingrown hairs.” This could be a great time to ask your daughters about the power of red light therapy masks. These tools can kill further bacteria or acne on the skin, decreasing the chance of skin issues later on.

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