Is On My Block Spinoff Freeridge Good Representation?

During all this introspection and amid these vulnerable conversations, the four kids are also solving the mystery of the cursed monogrammed wooden box. This plotline is fun and engaging because it borders on magical realism, with the possibility of the four teenagers, and particularly Gloria, being haunted by a dead woman. Demi, a self-identified witch, discovers the origins of the box while Gloria is obsessed with figuring out how to break the curse. While Ines has a difficult relationship with her sister, she is always willing to help and (mostly) has Gloria’s best interests at heart. Cameron is kind of a dead weight in the investigation, but he seems to be happy just being Demi’s closest ally. Fans of On My Block will undoubtedly feel nostalgic for the original show and enjoy a new coming of age story that follows a similar plotline to the previous show. 

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