I’m in My Princess Diana Era: 30 Items I’m Ordering Next

If you know fashion, you know that Princess Diana has been remembered for her iconic style. So iconic that many Gen Zers, who hadn’t been around to see the life of Princess Di, are fascinated with her style and consider her an icon. Personally, I have always been inspired by the way she dressed. From laid-back outfits to her more “royal” moments, every look she wore encompassed a hint of casual classiness that I just adore.

While Princess Diana wore many iconic outfits I’ve re-created myself, I thought about what items currently on the market have that cool “people’s princess” vibe. After using some of Diana’s old outfits as a guide, I got to searching for pieces that had the Princess of Wales’ essence and ended up with 30 picks that I think nailed it. 

If Lady Di is also constantly on your mood board, you’re going to want to take a look at these…

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