I Tried Eyebrow Tinting— Here’s How It Went

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One thing about me is that I always want to look fly. That includes making sure my eyebrows are done. Remember the eyebrows on fleek meme? That’s the energy I strive for to this day.

As someone who loves trying all things skincare and makeup, it’s only natural that I’d eventually want to try eyebrow tinting. When I had a facial at Isabelle McLeod Aesthetics a few weeks ago, I finally decided it was time to give my brows a richer hue.

“Eyebrow tinting is a cream textured semi-permanent dye that brings fullness to a sparse or thin brow,” Maya Nelson, a NYC-based licensed esthetician, tells ESSENCE. “It’s a cosmetic treatment that gives the visible appearance of a fuller and bolder brow.“

Whether you’re ready to get yours tinted today or simply want to learn a little bit more beforehand, below, I discuss my experience and everything you need to know about the process.

The session

Nelson prepped and cleaned the brow area. She stepped back to go to the counter and make a custom shade for my eyebrows. She applied the dye on my eyebrows and left it on for several minutes. In general, I was shocked at how quick this service is. “It takes up to 15-25 minutes depending on the look a client wants to achieve their eyebrow hairs,” Nelson says. “The tint will stay on a few minutes longer.” 

How does it work?

Eyebrow tinting also initially adheres to both your skin and hair which gives one’s brows a darker, but still natural, appearance. The treatment was concluded with Nelson wiping the dye off of my eyebrows

Can everyone do eyebrow tinting?

Turns out, anyone can benefit from eyebrow tinting. “Eyebrow tinting can be done on every hair texture and complexion,” Nelson says. “Most eyebrow tint brands formulate the colors to be mixed, if needed, so that any color is achievable.” 

How should I care for my brows after tinting?

This treatment can last up to two to three weeks, depending on after care. The aesthetician recommends not using soap & water for at least 24 hours post treatment. “Wiping the brow area with micellar water is a great alternative instead of washing the face to make sure you’ll have long lasting results,” she says. “Skip any use of retinol or chemical exfoliants for two days post treatment.” 

The results

After the eyebrow tinting and facial, I was instantly impressed with the results. I love that it can make sparse brows look fuller. “It’s a subtle, yet cohesive look that enhances your natural brows,” Nelson says. “The tint fades slowly so a person’s brows won’t look drastically different overtime.” Safe to say that I’m definitely looking forward to this having a permanent spot in my pampering routine.

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