I Just Got Back From Aspen—9 Trends I Packed in My Carry-On

Is it just me, or are everyone and their mother vacationing in Aspen right now? But unlike last summer when the entirety of my Instagram feed was relaxing on chaise longues in Positano while I set up shop on a patch of grass along the Hudson River, I got to be one of them this time. Ahead of the holiday rush, I spent four days in the celeb-favorite travel destination to celebrate the opening of Canada Goose x Reformation’s pop-up shop at the St. Regis. And just like the A-listers who’ve been spotted there of late, I put a lot of thought into what I packed.

Aspen more than almost anywhere I’ve ever been gives off the “be seen” vibe. In other words, when you’re there, you always want to have on a cool outfit, even if you’re physically on the slopes, après-skiing at Ajax Tavern, or simply hanging out in the lobby of your hotel. So naturally, when I found out about the trip, I quickly made a point to source trends that fit that energy. Ahead, see which ones I settled on for the trip. Hint: Expect puffer jackets, shearling coats, and, of course, a balaclava. 

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