How To Tell If Your Sunscreen Is Real Or Counterfeit

If you’re unsure of the protection your SPF provides, Dr. Sass has an easy solution: “If you’re concerned about whether your sunscreen is real or not (or if it’s adequately protecting you from the sun) consider using UV stickers.” They are usually readily available from many retailers as well as verified Amazon storefronts. “These stickers turn purple when they’re exposed to the sun,” adds Dr. Sass. “If you put the sticker on your skin or even a piece of paper, put the sunscreen on top of the sticker, and then go outside, the sticker shouldn’t turn completely purple, since the sunscreen should block most of the UV from getting to the sticker. This should be enough to tell you whether or not your product is capable of providing sun protection.” While sun stickers can be beneficial, they shouldn’t be used as your only form of sun protection. It is recommended to reapply sunscreen every two to three hours if you’re out in direct sunlight. Dermatologists advise that the average adult should use 30ml of sunscreen for one head to toe application. That’s almost one third of a 100ml bottle.

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