How To Style A Novelty Bag And Be Confident With It


Novelty items are valuable for their unique style statement. Novelty objects may serve no practical purpose, but they command good prices simply because they are statement pieces that reflect the creator’s personality.

If you are a fan of novelty items, you should check out novelty handbags that are quirky, unique, and stylish at the same time.

How To Carry A Novelty Bag

Let The Novelty Item Be The Center Of Attraction

A bag that looks unique, be it in terms of shape, size or design, has to be given its due importance. Think of it this way: if you wear a unique and expensive choker, that statement choker should dominate and dictate everything else you wear for the evening.

The same is the case with a quirky and unique bag. It has to dominate your entire look. So if it is blingy, your entire outfit, makeup, and even your shoes should be blingy.

If you have a novelty piece shaped like an animal or a fruit, then your whole look better complement that decorative apple or fruit in terms of color and patterns.

Here are a few unique bag designs and the ways to style them

  • A bag that is shaped like the face of a kitten and is black. If the kitten’s face uses silver or golden shade to make up the eyes and the mustache of the kitten, then that is a clue for you.

You can use gold or silver color for your other accessories, like the jewelry that you wear. Again, since the little kitten is the star of the look, your jewelry should be minimalistic. So a simple chain or a simple dangler should do the job.

However, you must not make a deliberate attempt to sync everything, so it is a bad idea to wear earrings or finger rings that look like anything like a kitten.

If the purse is black in color, your outfit can be black or any other shade that complements the black color. For shoes, you can wear heels or boots that give you the sharpness and elegance of a cat’s walk.

  • A purse that is shaped like a pretty pink rose. Again the pink colored delicate flower has to be the focus of the entire look, so the color of the dress or top should be a good control to the pink hue of the flower.

So a white top should look great with it. It is vital to remember that the dress should not be flowery or flowy itself, or else it will steal the thunder from the petal of the flower. So it is best to wear a top that is fairly simple and has a straight cut.

So a plain top without anything written on top of it will be suitable. You could also use a pair of sunglasses with the look, and simple crocs or sneakers can complete the look.

  • A purse that looks like a pineapple. A pineapple has a sharp crown and a pointed body surface, so it is a good idea to wear a dress that complements the sharp edges of a pineapple. However, it is crucial not to wear a dress or shoe that is yellow or green in color.

Your aim is to highlight the pineapple bag and not look like the fruit yourself, so you must wear something that is cream or beige color so that it complements the shade of the signature purse.


You can complete the look by wearing a broad headband, and the headband should be of the same color as your dress so that the headband, the dress, and the purse complement each other and complete the look.

Being Confident With Your Unique Sense Of Style

Be Proud Of Your Possession

You are bound to feel uncomfortable with your look if you think it looks odd or funny, but if you think of your novelty item as unique and stylish, then you will not feel underconfident.

So the key to feeling confident with your accessories is to remember that what you have is unique and it is something that many people desire. If you realize the worth of your accessory, you will feel proud to be its owner, and you will feel no shame carrying a bag that looks unique.

Take Inspiration From Celebrities

If you want to feel confident in what you are wearing, then you can take a cue from the biggest celebrities in the world. Celebrities try to do all things unique at mega events like the met gala. Always keep in mind that celebrities pay designers and stylists a lot of money to look bold and unique, so if you have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd, there is nothing to feel conscious about.

Do Not Care What The World Thinks


The easiest way to feel comfortable with what you wear is not to care too much about what people think about you. If people smirk or talk behind your back, that should not be a problem.

Nothing else should matter as long as you are comfortable with what you are wearing and can carry the look off with grace and elegance. Just be confident and conquer the world with your unique sense of style.


Signature bags are unique; they might serve little purpose for carrying money or other items you would find in a regular bag, but they are great for making a style statement. However, the entire look will pale if you are not confident with what you are carrying. If you are too conscious of what other people will say, then you are not yet prepared to carry a signature piece.

Every time you carry a novelty purse, you must remember that what you have is unique and desirable. A stylist would get paid millions of dollars to create the look you have created for yourself, and there should be no shame associated with being uniquely you.


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