Funniest Workplace TikToks Of The Week

With the recent rise of virtual work, many of us no longer have the opportunity to commiserate with colleagues around the water cooler to bemoan the latest workplace annoyance. But, luckily that’s what we the internet for *cue Birdman handman GIF*.

More frequently people are taking to the internet to let out their frustrations about everything from their irritating co-worker’s emails to the utter hell that is an impromptu Zoom call.

In a 2014 survey, it was found that more than 60% of people reported immediately turning to internet platforms to vent after being annoyed or angered. Nearly 10 years later, we’re sure that number has significantly risen and fortunately, people’s online musings about the harsh realities of work and school are painfully funny.

We gathered up a few relatable and hilarious thoughts people shared about their workplaces that we just have to pass along. Enjoy!

When you have some things to get off your chest…but can’t.

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When the code-switching is real.

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When you’ve learned to mastered workplace stress management

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When your quiet quitting game is top-tier.

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