Frenchie’s L’Ultimate Lovers Kit Review 2022

Picture the perfect Valentine’s Day: You’re walking along the Seine with a chocolate hazelnut crepe in one hand and your partner’s hand in the other. Just ahead, the Eiffel Tower twinkles against the inky night sky, illuminating your face in romantic lighting. Unable to resist, you lean in for a passionate kiss, body igniting into sparks of desire, pulses quickening and blood heating as your hands start to — okay, I’ll stop there, since flying to Paris for a super romantic Valentine’s Day seems highly unlikely. But what if you could bring that French ambiance into your bedroom for the sexiest holiday of the year? If you’re nodding oui-oui, it’s time to say “bonjour” to the L’Ultimate Lovers Kit from Frenchie.

If you’re a Francophile not yet familiar with Frenchie, you’re in for a treat. Though the brand, which launched in 2020, is actually Australia-based, each of its products is imbued with France’s legendary sex symbol status. Everything from its signature vibrator (a double-ended clit and G-spot stimulator aptly named The Double Entendre) to Beret Condoms (because what are condoms if not stylish hats?) take inspiration from the City of Love, making them a fun and surprisingly adventurous addition to your sexy times. And it makes the perfect activity for a Valentine’s Day date in.

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