First Look: Ice Spice Links Up With STARRY In A New Gameday Commercial

Ice Spice owns it all – the charts, her masters, and the hearts of young rap fans everywhere. Now, the “princess of rap” is owning the airwaves on the day of The Big Game, starring in her very first commercial spot, featuring snippets of her latest single.

The Gen-Z superstar sat with ESSENCE to give exclusive details on her meteoric rise to fame, landing her own Game Day commercial just shy of two years in the rap game, and why this partnership is a perfect match.

ESSENCE: Starry is a newer name in the soft drink space. What made you want to work with this soda for a big commercial like this?

Ice Spice: I was asked to do this commercial, and I couldn’t say no because Starry is a vibe. The ad is about me breaking up with my ex, so tune in to find out just who my ex is.

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ESSENCE: Being that you’re a Bronx girl and grew up with the local deli being a big part of the culture (and the subject of your most recent hit), we have to ask: if you’re at the deli grabbing a snack, what are you picking up? What’s your go-to deli run order?

Ice Spice: I’m going to definitely get a sandwich, and a Starry of course. The zero sugar!

ESSENCE: Now, you just hit the scene in 2021. In just two years’ time, you’ve hit a milestone as big as a solo Gameday commercial, which is something many work decades to do. What does it feel like to have such a meteoric rise in such a short timeframe?

Ice Spice: I’m so grateful for the platform that I have. I wouldn’t change anything. And honestly, to me personally, it doesn’t feel as fast as it might look to people, because I’m living it every day and there’s a lot of work behind the scenes that gets put into it. I’m just happy everything pays off.

First Look: Ice Spice Links Up With STARRY In A New Gameday Commercial
ATLANTA, GEORGIA – DECEMBER 14: Ice Spice performs onstage during iHeartRadio Power 96.1’s Jingle Ball 2023 at State Farm Arena on December 14, 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for iHeartRadio)

ESSENCE: Speaking of that hard work, you just released a new single over the weekend. Tell us more about the vibe of your latest viral hit.

Ice Spice: “Think U The Sh*t (Fart)” just came out and we shot the video in Miami. It was so fun and probably one of the easiest shoot days ever. The song itself was so fun to record. Of course, I got the inspo from the very popular meme. I’m really excited! It’s just a little piece of my album coming soon: Y2K.

ESSENCE: We’ve seen you play around with the Y2K aesthetic in your style. What is it about that time in history that resonates with you?

Ice Spice: I was born on Y2K! But of course, the cute little clothes that everybody was wearing throughout the early two thousands – I just love it.

ESSENCE: You’ve already kicked off the year extra strong with a solo Big Game commercial and some pretty pivotal recognition. What are some of your other big goals for 2024?

Ice Spice: One of my goals is to win these Grammy nominations! That’s my biggest goal right now.

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