Ferrari-Red Items to Buy If You’re Following Lewis Hamilton

Whether you’re a Formula One fan or somehow only realized today that you follow a lot of drivers on social media, then you’ve probably already seen some of the thousands of graphics and memes about Lewis Hamilton’s decision to leave his team of 11 years in Mercedes at the end of 2024 and join Scuderia Ferrari, F1’s most successful team and the one with the scarlet-red car.

Suffice it to say, there have been tears—both happy ones and not-so-happy ones—on all sides of the move, which was announced on Thursday. Hamilton’s fans are nothing if not loyal and aplenty—the driver, fashion designer, musician, and more has amassed over 35 million Instagram followers. Come 2025, Ferrari should expect a massive influx of fans, all of whom will be expected to wear the team’s iconic color. With that in mind, I thought I’d use some of my pent-up energy to, instead of refreshing F1 Twitter every five seconds, do what I do best: shop. Ahead, find 24 chic and Ferrari-red items that any fashion-minded Hamilton fans who are planning to shift their loyalties over to the storied Italian team should buy ASAP (or at least before 2025). 

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