Eyebrow Gel That Blew Up On TikTok

Other alternatives to Refy are the Benefit 24-HR Brow Setter, which is a clear formula with a double-sided brush for shaping; it’s less likely to leave a residue but the brush is finer, so the grip won’t be as tight. Other’s recommend the Patrick Ta Brow Lamination Gel. Kosas also has a clear, lifting gel as well. All hover between $20-$30, so quite a bit cheaper than a professional lamination treatment, closer to $120. For Hunt, a temporary result was always the goal. “I personally relate to the ‘laminated brow’ trend, although I don’t actually like committing to lamination,” she explains. A Brow Sculpt gives a laminated finish, “but I can wash it off at the end of the day and still have gorgeous, healthy brows.”

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