Exclusive: Lawless Launches Lip Balms

“I saw the round shape of the pot sticking out of my husband’s back pocket in his jeans,” says Annie Lawless, founder and CEO of Lawless Beauty. “It was a lightbulb moment that we needed to create something that brings all the treatment benefits of lip mask in a convenient, on-the-go format.”

Like the rest of the Forget the Filler Line, the lip balms also contain Maxi-Lip, Lawless’s signature ingredient. Maxi-Lip is a natural peptide that has been clinically proven to aid in collagen stimulation. “It was shown to increase collagen synthesis in vitro by 351%, improve lip condition by 100%, and it improved softness and comfort of the lips by 70%,” says Lawless. 

In other words, Maxi-Lip helps you get amped-up, pillowy-looking lips sans injections. “Lip filler is all the rage,” says Lawless. “I personally have never had it. But I won’t lie, I like the look. I’m just too scared to get needles in my lips.” 

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